All events in DNK or close by


“Light And Shadows Wall”

Genre: Interactive music-video Installation



Dates: 19:11 – 22: 11h, running non-stop except during other events

Organization – Albena Baeva, Ivan Shopov



“Light and Shadows Wall” is a result of the collaboration between musician and artist Ivan Shopov (Balkansky/Cooh) and digital artist Albena Baeva. “Lights and Shadows Wall” consists of an illuminated white wall and a motion tracking system. The data from the position of the shadows of the audience on the wall are used as an input material to create and control the music composition. In this way light and dark, material and immaterial transform into a sonic atmosphere and space for improvisation.




“Game of Shakespeare”/ Want to upgrade me? /

Genre: Interactive Performance


Host Lily Angelova

22nd November, 15:00 – 17:00h, NDK

*A maximum of 20 participants

“Game of Shakespeare“ loosely interweaves lines from Shakespeare’s plays, by rearranging and giving a new meaning to their subject matter and message. During the first part of the performance (about an hour long) the participants think of and create their own theatrical text and during the second – they can play or read it out as an improvised performance in front of their colleagues if they desire so.


Live Trance Circle

Genre: Interactive Musical Improvisation


Date: 21.11, 12:00 – 14:00h

A maximum of 15 participants

Organization – Global Vision Circle

Live Trance Circle is an interactive music practice for harmonization and communication beyond words with the help of a wide range of musical instruments from all over the world. Anyone can take part in it – there are no requirements for any musical preparation or skills. It is more than enough to follow the only but obligatory rule of using NO WORDS when the music starts playing.



“Meetings in time”

Genre: Interactive audio walks

mid_120th, 21st November, 13.00 – 17.00, start – checkroom of DNK

Route 1 – table walk for two   /12min. /

Route 2 – DNK – F. Nansen – G. S. Rakovsky – L. Karavelov / 49min. /


Concept and idea: Ida Daniel, Texts: Katya Atanasova, Ida Daniel and non-coincidental locals from the G. S. Rakovsky and L. Karavelov streets, Sound environment: Todor Stoyanov, Voices: Denitsa Darinova, Jenny Larson, Alexander Mitrev, Peter Meltev and Nathan Cooper

“Rendezvous with time” (new version) are two audio walks. Their content develops in a meditative, analytic and personal manner the human presence in the flow of time. Use the streets of Sofia in close proximity to NDK as a reference frame and a dark corridor with three mirrors next to DNK, which you enter with a flashlight and a vest. Come to the checkroom, leave an object that belongs to you, take a pair of earphones and embark on a journey…




Genre: Video-projection in English of a Bulgarian performance in China

Dates: 21.11, 14:30 – 16:00h

Presented by the director Yassen Vassilev followed by Q&A


Borges’s Triptych /2012/ is the second theater text by Yassen Vasilev. It is based on three stories by Borges, but also on the work and life of the author. Four performers play four different versions of Borges, embodying his different characters. In this world, a library and a universe are set in parity while the spaces and their inhabitants are totally made out of quotes. Directed by the author of Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China, at the end of October 2014. Each of the six scenes of the play is performed on one of the six floors of the history building in the center of the city.



“The Fifth Dimension of Cultural Policies”

Open space moderated by Bilyana Tanurovska-Kyulavkovsky

IMG_9444 copy


20th November 2015, DNK

Part I 13.00 – 14:30h

Coffee break 14:30 – 14:45h

Part II – 14:45 – 16:15h

Coffee break 16:15 – 16:30h

Conclusion, recommendations, next steps – 16:30 – 17:00h

The meeting targets artists and cultural operators from the sphere of all contemporary arts. How do we reach out creatively, without falling prey, in the chronically arduous situation of arts in Bulgaria? What options are there for a different approach? How do we overcome the inertia as well as visualize and build a worthier tomorrow? Open space is a contemporary format of a work meeting and group discussions, where the topics are offered and developed in a playful and conversational atmosphere by the participants themselves. Join us with your hot topics that cannot wait a minute longer! The module will be hosted by a manager possessing ample regional and international experience – Bilyana Tanurovska-Kyulavkovsky /Lokomotiva, Nomad Dance Academy, Macedonia/



Facebook critics

Genre: Experimental workshop on online theater criticism

What is the potential of the social networks with regard to theatre criticism and journalism? How can their specific qualities be used to reach a wider, and no less meaningful impact of the events in contemporary music arts? In the days of the Fifth ACT Festival for independent theatre, the “Facebook critics” workshop will be experimenting with the function of criticism as a “multi-mediograph”. A project by theatre and dance critic and researcher Angelina Georgieva, in which students in their second year of “Theater Studies and Theater Management” (NATFA) will be involved in the festival program by exploring the abilities of short formats for theatre criticism and how to “write” with different media – text, video and audio. Follow “Facebook critics” on “Facebook critics”.

With gratitude to the “Theater Studies” department of NATFA “Kr. Sarafov”



Night-time Meeting Point / 21:00 – 02:00 /

19, 21, 22 November – DNK

20 November – Derida Dance Centre