ACT Independent Theater Festival #9
under the mottoGETTING WARMER
from 18 to 23 October 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria

The 9th edition of ACT Independent Theater Festival will be held from 18th to 23rd October and will again feature a showcase of the best of the contemporary Bulgarian independent stage, International selection and a rich Parallel program with special events, discussions and workshops.

The forthcoming edition is titled GETTING WARMER and focuses on the global warming, the warmer attempts of the artists to find themes and stage statements, and last but not least – it’s getting warmer with the thought of the “Toplocentrala” project.

“on the 10th anniversary of the founding of ACT Independent Theater Associatоn we say “getting warmer”
ten years of gathering experience, learning patience and resilience, losing illusions and hopes
we set our feet on the ground, it is cold, its history – even colder
here we are hopeless, alive, with burning heads and we know what we want
with a new crew on board warmth, meaning, mirror, dialogue, center
getting warmer – relaxing in what we cannot not be getting warmer – an accumulation,
getting warmer – an explosion, getting warmer – a spell”
Vesselin Dimov, chairman of ACT Association

This year in the International Selection we offer you:
– the specially created for the opening of the ACT Festival dance site-specific performance BURN – a creative meeting of seven Bulgarian and five Dutch performers from the United Cowboys company;
– a documentary theater on assisted suicide based on the Ibsen’s GHOSTS by the notorious Berlin independent company Markus & Markus;
– a lecture-performance CRAVE #2 on prostitution by the Bæst Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark; and
– a musical-visual high-tech experiment H of Vigroux / d’Haeseleer from France based on the mystical poem by Arthur Rimbaud with the same title.

The Bulgarian selection includes 8 performances, which show a snapshot of the diversity of theatrical reality in the country during the past year and present socially engaged and up-to-date searches in the work of artists. The focus this year is on the debuts in the independent scene with two performances.

“Siberia burns and in a single day Greenland loses over 3.7 billion tons of its icebergs. Nowadays, making art is not only complicated but also increasingly responsible task…. On the difficult path of selection we had to part with some absolutely worthy candidates, not because we undervalue their qualities, but precisely because we want to emphasize the idea of an ACT Festival as something more than a showcase of this season’s independent productions, as an opportunity for new meetings and exchanges of creative and managerial ideas.”
Selectors: Boryana Pandova, Silvia Petrova, Svetlomira Stoyanova