ACT Festival of independent theatre – “The Fifth Dimension”

(From November 19th till November 22nd, 2015)


“The Fifth Dimension” is the dimension of freedom, of creation, and mysticism.

In it time moves back and forth, and vertically

And can skip and freeze, just like in live arts.

Past and future can swap and merge.

We “know” what will happen in the fifth dimension, because the future is in a conscious reconstruction.

The fifth dimension is a territory of the unimaginable and a stage of the wonderful.

With this year’s edition we celebrate the things we have created and the ones we still haven’t created. In “The Fifth Dimension” we meet fact with intention, with what we want to create. ACT Festival is the point of intersection.

The main location is the new DNK hall – a place for contemporary dance and performance at NDK (or NPC – National Palace of Culture) (opposite the fountains in the subway).

The fifth edition is a sequel to the Plenary meeting of the biggest international network for performing arts IETM in Sofia in 2014, where ACT Festival was the artistic program of the event. ACT Festival 2015 continues with the aim to preserve and develop its mission: to represent and unite the independent performing arts scene in the country.

This year ACT Festival is in a more concentrated and focused format and its program includes 8 shows representative of last year’s “crop” of Bulgarian contemporary independent theatre, dance and performance.

The Parallel program offers the “Open space” format, which is designed and developed by artists and cultural operators themselves with the participation of the foreign guests. Also the Parallel program offers 5 interactive innovative artistic events in and around the main venue DNK and one experimental workshop for contemporary writing for theatre using the new social media.

Evening program – a place for informal meetings, dances and concerts to enliven and animate the November evenings.

Our motto:

We want, because we can,

We do, because we have to,

We make, because there are still things to be made.

We announce: A fifth dimension of Free Theater and Dance!