artistic program

14 November /Wednesday/

17h medea – Miroslav Yordanov, (60min), Center for Culture and Debate The Red House (Red Hall), 15 Ljuben Karavelov St., Premiere!
Genre: Contemporary dance

19h ProText 5: ON TIME – Four Performative Miniatures On The Notion OfTime – Gergana Dimitrova, Vasilena Radeva, Petko Stoyanov, Morten K. Roesen, 36 Monkeys Organisation, (90min), Premiere!
Location:  Sofia’s Central Mineral Baths
Genre: interdisciplinary performance in an architectural space

21h Black Jack – Alexander Manuiloff, (60min), Premiere!
Location: Sfumato theatre (small stage), 2 Dimitar Grekov str.
Genre: mono drama


15 November /Thursday/

17h J, my love on texts from the Bible, “Hiroshima, My Love” by Marguerite Duras and “Viridiana” by Luis Bunuel and Julio Alejandro“project of Valery Parlikov, (95min), The library club at 62 Iskar Street
Genre: Performative multi-media action

19h Alcohol – Tzvetelina Stoyanova – TZVU, (120min)
Location: Studio 5, NDK, 1 Bulgaria square
Genre: Author’s performance, biographical multi-media theatre show

21h Imagination Dead Imagine, by Samuel Beckett –  project of Yavor Kostov,(40 min), The basement of Studio Plastelin, 22 h (played in English)
Genre: Mono drama


16 November /Friday/

17h The Venom of Theatre by Rudolf Sirera, project of Mariy Rosen, (90min), The National Theatre (4th Floor stage Sever)
Genre: Drama

19h Invisible people # 1 – Neda Sokolovska and a team of VOX POPULI Studio for documentary theatre, (75min)
Location: The Red House-Centre for Culture and Debate (Red Hall), 15 Luben Karavelov str.
Genre: Verbatim theatre

20:20 h Cadaver – Stanislav Genadiev and Martin Penev, (20min), Center for Culture and Debate The Red House (Gulliver Hall), 15 Ljuben Karavelov St.,
Genre: Interactive dance performance

21:30h On the edge – Stefania Georgieva, Hristo Takov, Kamen Marin, АТОМTheatre, (50min), Sfumato theatre (Big stage), 2 Dimitar Grekov str.
Genre: Contemporary Theatre
Entrance: 10 BGN


17 November /Saturday/

17:30h Romance  – Valeria Valcheva, (90min)
Location: Sofia Arsenal, the Museum of Contemporary Art, 2 Cherni vrah blvd.
Genre: Dreams in Four Seasons
Entrance: 10 BGN

19h Eating the apple – Ida Daniel, Her Majesty the Pressure-CookerOrganization, (80min), Premiere!
Location: Studio Suspacious, 13   6th of September str.
Genre: Theatre situation in contact

21h Azamen – Albena Baeva, Runabout project, (40min), Sfumato Theatre (Main stage), 2 Dimitar Grekov St. Premiere!


18 NOVEMBER, Sunday

17:30h Devolution – Petar Pashov- Junior, Atelie 313, (75min)Sofia City Puppet Theatre, 14 Gurko str.
Genre: Experimental puppet theatre for adults

19h GogoDidi, Yulian Petrov,  (80min), Studio 5, NDK, Premiere!
Genre: Theatre jazz in two acts, or “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett

21h TRANSFORMABILITY – Willy Prager, (40min)
Location: Sfumato theatre (Big stage), 2 Dimitar Grekov str.
Genre: Performance


workshops | discussions | lectures


15th, November 2012 /Thursday/

Lecture: Flirt and Protest

What: Everything on cultivating audiences for new and “difficult” projects in the independent scene of San Francisco.

Why: In order to mull over the nature of spectators and the beauty of seductive confrontation with them.

Lecturer: Robert Avilla (Translation provided)
Where: American Corner, Sofia City Liabrary
When: 14:00 – 17:00h


16th, November 2012 /Friday/

Discussion I

What: Discussion on cultural policies in the field of independent theatre

Why: Because two years after the First International Meeting on the questions of independent theatre, organised by ACT with the cooperation with Sfumato Theatre, it is a good idea to examine the situation now and see what has and has not been done. It is worth sharing our views on the prospective actions and steps that should be taken.

Participants: Alexander Opitz, Jasmina Zaloznik, Kalina Wagenstein, Sabine Kock; all attendants will be invited to share opinions and comments.(Translation provided)
Moderator: Vesselin Dimov, Ida Daniel
Where: Goethe Institut, Budapesta Str. 1
When: 14:00 – 17:00h

17th, November 2012, /Saturday/

Discussion II

What: A conversation on contemporary artistic practices in Bulgaria, Europe and the USA

Why: In order to share our curiosity, express our awe and doubts as well as talk through the options the independent scene opens for the performing arts.

Participants: Gergana Dimitrova, Goran Injac, Dragana Alfirevic, Paul Bargetto; all attendants will be invited to share opinions and comments. (Translation provided)
Moderator: Ida Daniel and Vesselin Dimov
Where: Goethe Institut, Budapesta Str. 1
When: 14:00 – 17:00h


18th, November 2012, /Sunday/

Lecture I:

The moving body as a potential for dance and theatre
What: an artistic provocation to the culture of copy-paste

Why: Because analyzing the information we have, inevitably we stumble upon discoveries in the past that respect us. Because through a fake lecture, a real video screening and an open discussion we can discover the art of quoting, replacing and distortion of irresistibe originals.

Lecturer: Galina Borissova
Where: The Red House, the red hall
When: 14:00 – 17:00h


 14th – 18th November 2012, /Wednesday – Sunday/

Workshop I:

Critical writing

What: Discussion panel on the criticism in contemporary theatre, dance and performance as well as the role of independent theatre

Why: Because we believe that critical writing is part of the adequate development of arts and what is created here and now has to find its critical interpretation

Moderator:  Angelina Georgieva (New Dramaturgies Platform)
Where: Booked out
When: 10.00  – 13.30h


 14th – 18th November 2012, /Wednesday – Sunday/

Workshop II:

Dramaturgy Workshop

What: Writing for theatre in an informal setting

Why: Because writing is usually a lonely occupation and the chance to write together with another dramatist is something truly rare.

Moderators: Alexander Manuiloff and ghostdog
Where: Booked out
When: 14.00  – 17.00h


15th – 18th November, 2012, /Thursday ot Sunday/

Workshop III :

From Page to Stage

What: A view on the work relations in the dramatist-director pair. In English.

Why: Because there is what to learn about the differences in European and American practices for development of new texts for the theatre. Because we want to know more about the new dramaturgy as well as the people who occupy themselves with it.

Moderators: Roger Danforth and Lydia Stryk
Where: American Corner, Sofia City Library
When: 9.30 – 13.30h


19th, November 2012 /Monday/

Open Presentation of the Workshop From Page to Stage

What: A view on the work relations in the dramatist-director pair.

Moderators: Roger Danforth and Lydia Stryk (Translation provided)
Where: American Corner, Sofia City Liabrary
When: 10:00 – 12:00 h


19th, November 2012 /Monday/

Presentation of the results from Dramaturgy Workshop and Critical Writing Workshop

Moderator: Angelina Georgieva (New Dramaturgies Platform), Alexander Manuiloff and ghostdog
Where: Czech Cultural Center, 100 Rakovski blvd.
When: 16:00 – 19:00 h