16th November/Wednesday/

17.30 –“HEIDY” – solo performance by Alexander Georgiev, 30 min

Center for Culture and Debate “Red House”

19.00 – “The Spider” – thriller by Dimitar Dimitrov, Yordan Slaveikov, 65 min.

“Sfumato” Theatre (main stage)

21.00 – “There is such a play” – Tragicomic form of contemporary rethinking by Martin Vangelov, 80 min.

“Snejana” Gallery


17th November /Thursday/

17.30 – “Episode IV: Leisure time thoughts” – Dance project by Zhana Pencheva for Garage Collective, 40 min.

Center for Culture and Debate “Red House”(Red hall)

19.00 –“Ball” – visual physical theatre, Peter Todorov, 45 min.

Puppets Theatre

20.30 – “PO BOX Unabomber” – theatre performance by Gergana Dimitrova,80 min.



18th November/Friday/

17.00 – Action “Chervyak” – synthetic theatre action by Valeriy Parlikov, 50 min.

ART Hostel

19.00 –“Museum of Hygiene” – Performance by Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager, Brain Store Project, 45 min.

National Theatre (4th Floor Hall)

20.30 – “A.S.A” – contemporary  dance performance by Derida Dance, 75 min.

Youth Theatre “Nikolai Binev“


19 November /Saturday/

17.00 – “Dead Dagmar or the little match girl” – pulp fiction by Ida Daniel & ghostdog, 70 min.

Sfumato Theatre (Underground hall)

19.00 – “In Be Twin” – dance performance by Nikolina Todorova & Denitsa Dikova, 40 min.

Sfumato Theatre

20.30 – “Prophecy” – multimedia performance by Veselin Dimov, 50 min.

Sfumato Theatre (Kamerna)


20th November /Sunday/

17.00 – “Garfunkel is looking for Simon” – absurd drama by  Kalin Angelov, 75 min.


19.00 – „Juanita Hildegard Bo” – solo, Galina Borissova, 55 min.

Center for Culture and Debate “Red House” (Red hall)

21.00 – “Strings” – contemporary dance performance by Petia Stoykova for Dune, 45 min.





PRESS-CONFERENCE of ACT Festival for Independent Theatre and

OPENING of the Dictionary of Independent Theatre exhibition

November 16 (Wednesday), 4:00 p.m.

The RedHouseCenter for Culture and Debate

(Gulliver hall)


Dictionary of Independent Theatre


Curators: Angelina Georgieva, Mladen Alexiev

Consultant: Vladiya Mihaylova

The exhibition presents the first collection of its kind that brings together facts about the existence of the independent theatre and dance scene in Bulgaria. It follows the traces as preserved in the records of ACT Association and the RedHouseCenter for Culture and Debate. Special attention is paid to some fundamental decisions of the Ministry of Culture, unknown to the general public and permanently determining the situation of Bulgarian independent theatre. It is placed in the general context of activity of some European cultural organizations and institutions in relation to support and development of the independent sector in arts. It offers an opportunity to publicly present the narratives of development of independent scene in the field of performing arts in Bulgaria.

16 – 29 November, every day from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., except weekends

The RedHouseCenter for Culture and Debate (No Name hall and Gulliver hall)

16 – 20 November, every day from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Sfumato Theatre Laboratory (Small stage)


FromBottomUp: About the need to build an efficient network for cooperation among different NGOs in Bulgaria


The discussion initiated by the ACT Association aims at bringing together representatives of various non-governmental organizations working in different fields of society: art and culture but also architecture and urban planning, education, social integration, human rights, environment and eco-activism, management, social sciences, etc. The main focus is to discuss the opportunity of a closer cooperation among NGOs from different sectors towards the enforcement of a model based on civil initiative and professional expertise promoting an increased professional exchange among different organizations and helping a more synchronized and efficient platform for advocacy before institutions in the country on a variety of issues related to the defense of the principles of civil society.

19 November  (Saturday), from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The RedHouseCenter for Culture and Debate (Red hall)


Future of Independent Theatre in Bulgaria

Closing Discussion 

The discussion of the quality of productions shown within the festival’s program as well as the organizational methods that made them possible will outline the directions at which Bulgaria’s independent theatre scene should focus its attention over the forthcoming period in order to develop its creative potential. A public discussion of the concept of “independent theatre” and revising the way in which the independent scene operates under the conditions set up by the current cultural policy in the field of theatre and performing arts.

20 November  (Sunday), from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Sfumato Theatre Laboratory (main stage)