ACT Independent Theater Festival 2013 – “Adding a value”

1 – 30 November, 2013 

This year ACT Independent Theater Festival turns three and has three main objectives: to continue to promote the independent performing scene, to support the presentation of a new form for the country – the performative action – as well as propose specific solutions for the development of the independent field and its recognition. The implementation of these three objectives we have laid down in this programme.

We made a calendar of the majority of independent productions you can see in November. We managed to collect 30 performances, which demonstrates how the independent sector acts and what it produces locally, albeit with minimal resources.

The three performative actions, selected on the basis of an open invitation out of 17 proposals, you can see on November 7, 8 and 9.

On November 8 and 9, you can learn more about the world‘s largest network for the Performing Arts IETM and their congress that we are preparing to host in Bulgaria in October 2014. We have invited ten European experts to help us reach practical solutions on how to develop partnerships, how to create independent spaces for the performing arts, how to develop audiences, and how to participate in international residencies. We will present the results publicly on Friday afternoon.

To wrap things up, we invite everybody who wants to talk about the independent stage to come to our Open Space event on November 10 – to share and discuss.

All this is done with the desire to add more value.


Managing director: Biliana Necheva

Coordinator: Katrin Hrusanova

PR: Martina Shopova

Online media and volunteers: Julia Dencheva

Coordinator productions: Veselin Dimov

Translations: Alexander Manuilov

Gergana Dimitrova
Ida Daniel
Svetlozar Georgiev
Yavor Kostov
Willy Prager
Galia Borisova
Kalina Wagenstein
Valeriy Parlikov

Graphic design: Poststudio

АCT Festival is organized by ACT Association. The project is implemented with the financial support of Ministry of Culture, National Fund Culture and Program Culture 2013 of Sofia Municipality. 

The project is implemented in support of Sofia and Southwest Region for European Capital of Culture Candidate 2019.