ACT Festival is organized by ACT Association for Independent Theatre.

Who we are

ACT Association is an alliance of non-governmental organizations and artists active in the field of contemporary performing arts. Since its establishment in 2009, the association has actively worked to attain its main objectives: to unify, coordinate and research the independent performing arts scene in the country; to carry out advocacy campaigns and actions for decentralization in the field and to set up better conditions for professional work by the principle of free initiative and on a project basis; to promote diverse artistic practices and develop new audiences; to open up Bulgarian independent scene to the processes in the European cultural field and its active presentation in international context. The Association has more than 45 members: organizations and artists representing several generations of professionals working in the field of contemporary theatre, dance and performance and realizing their productions on an independent basis.

What we do

ACT teams participate in debates and discussions regarding the legislation in the field of performing arts in the country. In its work to date the Association has organized a number of work meetings, the most important of which is the two-day conference “International Meeting on Independent Theatre Issues” with the participation of European experts. Another of ACT Association’s long-term missions is the opportunity for regular presentation of independent productions to the audiences. To that end, in 2010 ACT realized the initiative “Evenings of Independent Theatre” in partnership with Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre.

The Association actively works to get the concept of “independent performing arts” established in Bulgaria. It promotes the independent scene’s creative potential and supports its organizational competence as adequate, timely and significant not only for the future of Bulgarian culture but also internationally. To that end, of crucial importance is also ACT’s active international cooperation with the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), of which the Association has been a member since 2010.

ACT Festival for Independent Theatre is Association’s project of largest scale so far. The festival aims to be an annual forum for autonomous artists and organizations in the field of performing arts in the country; to become a stepping stone for new artistic practices as well as to promote Bulgarian professionals in the field of theatre, dance and performance in a broader international context; to become a place for critical reflection and free discussion on the developments of independent theatre in the country.

What we stand for

Or our vision for the future and how things can and should easily be in the field of contemporary theatre, dance and performance:

ACT is committed to working towards achieving Bulgarian independent scene’s equality and commensurability with the position of independent theatre in Europe by insisting:

  • that real conditions should be set up for its existence, firstly, by conducting transparent and lawful separate sessions for funding of independent projects in the field of performing arts by state, municipal and other institutions;
  • on preference conditions when using existing theatre infrastructure and/or making available work spaces and spaces for presentation of independent productions to the  audiences;
  • that freelance artists’ status should be legalized and that arrangements should be made for their social security;
  • on clear rules and legislation regarding the interaction of NGOs and freelance artists with state and municipal bodies.

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ACT Association for Independent Theatre
Company number: 175782872
Address: 17, Dragan Tzankov blvd., Sofia
Official representative: Stefan Prohorov



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