Scores for a Collective Body

Dance visual workshop
Karin Pauer and Aldo Gianotti (Austria)

In this workshop visual artist Aldo Giannotti and choreographer/ performer Karin Pauer propose a space for thinking collectively through embodied choreographic practices and instruction-based visual scores.
We set up a scenario for making the ‘in-betweens’ tangible, for exploring different forms of togetherness, negotiating relations and practicing empathy.

The idea of a score as in a ‘complete description of a choreographic composition in visualized form’ will be our starting point for developing situations which consider notions of collectivity, alter social behaviors and investigate a ‘soft participatory’ approach.

In the first part of the workshop we explore a practice of thinking through the body about said notions. We then move on to developing visualized instructions. The resulting scores will then be interpreted and analyzed together.

The workshop is for dancers, performers, and visual artists.

About the collaboration:
The fundamental interest in combining our artistic practices, lies in the relationship between abstract, illustrated mind concepts and their embodiment and activation. We tackle the question of how formal representations of concepts can be interpreted and how their meaning can be bent and shifted, made flexible through their physical manifestation. Aldo’s two-dimensional representations cannot be moved, changed as such; while the impalpable qualities of the performing body cannot be categorized with clarity, pinpointed, as they carry a multitude of meanings and are ambiguous entities in transition, without clear borders or limitations.

Karin Pauer is an Austrian performer and choreographer. Following her studies in choreography at the ArtEZ Institute in Arnhem, the Netherlands, she collaborated with choreographers, film-makers and visual artists, including Liquid Loft/Chris Haring, Davis Freeman, Mike O’Connor and Maureen Kaegi. Since 2015, she has been in a continuous working relationship with the Austria-based dance company Liquid Loft. Her own pieces have been presented at ImPulsTanz, Tanzquartier Wien, Donaufestival, Salzburger Tanztage and Paintbrush Factory in Cluj.

The Italian visual artist Aldo Giannotti has been living and working in Vienna since 2000. Drawing plays a key role in his artistic practice, as he uses it to communicate socio-political concepts. For his mostly site-specific works, he likes to employ a variety of forms of expression, such as drawing, photography, video, installation, and sculpture. Aldo Giannotti has co-operated with Albertina and mumok in Vienna, Kunsthaus Graz, and the MAMbo Museum in Bologna, Italy.

Where: National Student House, hall 304
When: 20 and 21.11.2021
Duration: 10:00 – 18:00
Tickets: 40 BGN
Group size: 15 people
Working language: English

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The workshop is supported by DOTA Austria and Austrian Embassy Sofia.