Common people

Movement verbatim performance
Vasilia Drebova (Bulgaria)

A documentary movement performance that explores successfulness and creative energy, based on the interviews with artists who gave up their professions for various reasons. The text is spoken using the verbatim (from Latin – in exactly the same words as were used originally) method in a constant dialogue with the actors` bodies, which inspired the choreography.

Vasilia Drebova has been working as a freelance actress for the last 8 years. In 2014 she became part of VOX POPULI Documentary Theater Studio, where she fell in love with the verbatim technique. Her interests and work are mainly in the field of documentary and movement theater, devised theater and performance. “Common People” (2021), which combines documentary and movement theater, is her debut performance as an author and director.

Verbatim dramaturgy: Vasilia Drebova
Actors: Anton Dimitrachkov, Gabriela Georgieva, Georgi Naldzhiev, Denitsa Darinova
Costumes: Boryana Stoyanova and Mina Stoyanova
Visual ID: Mina Stoyanova
Music: Anastas Avdzhiev
Choreography: Vasilia Drebova
Director: Vasilia Drebova

Where: Stage Derida
When: 11.11.2021/ 19:30
Duration: 75 min
Tickets: 15 BGN / 10 BGN reduced