Othello. Downfall of the Idealist

Theater performance
After the play of the same name by William Shakespeare and fragments of texts about the war
Performance by ZONG Theater, realized in partnership with Theater “Azaryan” (Bulgaria)

A paramilitary force group. Two men, different on the outside but equally irreconcilable,
face against each other in a psychedelic battle which shall determine not only their lives
but the existence of everyone around them.

ZONG Theater is an association established in 2017 by Dina Markova (director) and Boyan Arsov (actor) as an association for socially engaged activity in culture. Its mission is to contribute to the variety in culture through the development of quality, innovative and socially engaged contemporary art, based on continuity in generations of artists and provoking the active incorporation of young artists and audiences.

Starring: Boyan Arsov, Nadya Keranova, Zhivko Simeonov, Aleko Dishev, Tsvetan Apostolov, Rumen Mihaylov and Vyara Kolarova
Dramaturgy and direction: Dina Markova
Choreography and physical score: Boyan Arsov
Visual ID and costumes: Boyan Arsov
Video: Jeason Brad Lewis

Where: Theater “Azaryan”
When: 14.12.2021/ 18:30
Duration: 110 min
Tickets: 20 BGN / 18 BGN reduced