Karaoke Night

Performance with interactive musical elements and games with the audience
Panic Button Theatre (Bulgaria)

The project focuses on the trans-stereotypical perception of the other, allows its viewers to express themselves and encourages them to observe the ways in which they communicate and present themselves to others.

This is a performance-provocation in a bar-environment to those who will dare to enter the role of a different version of themselves.

The show includes KJ – host of the evening – acting, audience participation and guest singers. Leading accents in the realization are the choice of songs, the dialogue, the use of Karaoke and the feeling of the audience as spectators and at the same time participants, decision makers and performers.

The company Panic Button Theatre was founded in 2014 by Bulgarian director Vasilena Radeva and Bulgarian-based American artist Nathan Cooper.

Panic Button Theatre’s mission is to create and disseminate quality, socially-engaged art, to explore and promote global artistic practices with a humanitarian, social, educational and environmental focus. Through performances, social-artistic and multi-genre projects, the organization seeks to create a unique cultural experience.

Author and director: Nathan Cooper
Director consultant: Vasilena Radeva
Scenography and costumes: Elena Shopova
Actors: Elena Dimitrova, Vyara Kolarova, Georgi Georgiev and Bogdana Kotareva
Music, sound and KJ: Emilian Gatsov – Elby

Where: Derida Stage
When: 15.11.2021/ 18:30
Duration: 2 to 5 hours. The space needs to be open during the whole evening. The audience doesn’t need to be present for the whole happening and is free to come in and out as they wish.
Tickets: 15BGN / 12 BGN reduced