Dance film / short
Katina Dishkov (Bulgaria)

The film explores the idea of the destructive power of latent energy and its liberating transformation in creativity. The authors of the concept are 4 female performers from the field of contemporary theater and dance. The situation, in which the society has been placed, since the beginning of 2020 and its echo in their personalities, provokes them to pay attention of the enormous tension, that they accumulate, not only as individuals and artists, but also as citizens of the world. Forced to be isolated, to distance themselves, to restrain their natural impulses, at the same time they observe how the processes with their inner charge resonate with the events on a global scale. Distancing from the situation, they ask themselves to what extent the tension, that we accumulate, while confronting something helps us to evolve, and to what extent it turns against us and degenerates us? Can this process lead to a new kind of mutation, of creative existence and is it possible to go beyond the realm of artistic experiment and become the beginning of a constructive process in the society?

In the film, dance and cinema are in a close interaction, exploring the dynamics and sensitivity of different bodies with their motional and emotional reflections on the theme in a series of 4 solos and one group choreography.

Film content:
1. The scream
2. The lift
3. The stillness
4. The call

Katina Diškov was born in Belgrade, Serbia on 25.01.1981. She lives in Sofia since 2008. Works in the field of contemporary dance, performance arts, video dance and alternative education.

Dance and choreography: Ana Valcheva, Vasilia Drebova, Veronika Petrova, Katina Dishkov
Director and editor: Hristo Simeonov
Camera: Veselin Hristov

Where: Derida Stage
When: 10.11.2021; 19:30
Duration: 24,11 min
Tickets: 8 BGN / 5 BGN reduced