Work and aesthetics! Aesthetics and work!

(completely) aimless meeting

moderator: Ida Daniel

Three hours devoted to exchange of experience and phantasies between working artists and aesthetic workers. The meeting is also open for non-working artists and non-aesthetic workers. We are gathering to make room for questions, such as: “How do our aesthetic choices get influenced by our working conditions? What working conditions do we provide for ourselves, following our aesthetic choices? To what extent do labor and aesthetics clash and is there a chance for them to enter a relationship of mutual co-creation?”. For those three hours Ida Daniel proposes a few methods for thinking on the go, which, along with giving a focus to the conversation, will support the practices of trust, doubt, care, curiosity and other affects.

Why do we think that now is the time for three hours like those? Because we haven’t gathered for a long time. Because our working conditions have never been perfect, but now they are even more unpredictable. Because we believe we are interesting to each other.

Ida Daniel (Sofia, Bulgaria/ Giessen, Germany) works in the field of contemporary performance and dance with a focus on strategies of the imaginary and the theatre situation as a space for an encounter. Founder of the Association for Contemporary Art in High Pressure Conditions “The Mighty Mighty Pressure Cooker” (2011) and one of the founding members of ACT Association for Independent Theatre (2008).

Where: NSH (National Student House), Room 304

When: 21 October (Wednesday), 14:00-17:00

Number of participants: 30

Entrance with invitation and pre-registration