How to internationalize your project – markets and strategies in the performing arts

professional discussion with Iva Horvat

  • Distribution strategies in the performing arts
  • Project and projection
  • Markets and visibility focus
  • Timing
  • Networking
  • Ecology / Energy / Effort
  • Build a personalized strategy / plan
  • Creativity / Capacity of change
  • Communication
  • Communication profile

The objective of the conference is to bring the listener to the role of distributor and in the chain of revitalization of projects in the performing arts.

How to develop a plan and calendar in relation to the internationalization of your project and projection in the market. Analysis of markets in different countries of the world.

Mapping of festivals and points of visibility for the projects.

Application of methods and tools to implement a strategy in a space and time. Communication – how, when and what for?

Values and principles to develop a profile in a context.

Creativity in creating new, unique methods, and ways of working to define oneself. Microproduce yourself.

The conference is directed to artists, producers, managers and curators in the art scene.

Iva Horvat

Iva Horvat is a university professor of Kinesiology, dancer, choreographer and stage director for dance and theatre. Founder of Agente129, management office for distribution of performing arts from Barcelona, in which she collaborates with diverse artists during 4 years in the internationalization of their projects.

In 2016 she founds, together with Elise Garriga, a new agency for distribution and development of strategies in the performing arts – “ART REPUBLIC”. Mentor and professor in management and distribution. Part of the team of Producers Training “De Nonnen” in Grand Theatre Groningen. Gives classes and workshops related to international sales and distribution in different countries in Europe, Asia and Americas.

Where: Cervantes Institute Sofia

When: 20 October 2020, 11:00

Duration: 2 h

Number of participants: 12

Entrance with invitation and pre-registration