Eco?Logical! Art and Culture with an Awareness of Nature


Art and culture are great catalysts for change. They study the world, take it all in, and while doing so, they inevitably transform it. Though when we say “inevitably”, we don´t mean “unconsciously”. Man´s interaction with their surroundings is a natural process, but when it becomes dangerous and destructive, then we need to step in. We are in need of a healthy planet, and it needs conscious inhabitants. Art gives us many instruments at hand: to keep our senses open in our “ecosystem”, to get creative, to let our example inspire others. The alternative, transformative reality of the stage has a real chance to get transferred into the home, the workplace and onto the streets.

“You reap what you sow” has always worked without fail. What do we sow now?

Where: NSH (National Student House), Room 304

When: 22 October 2020 (Thursday), 14:00

Duration: 3 h

Number of participants: 30

Entrance with invitation