Point of View

improvisational performance

Author: Clones
Performers: Adelina Petrova, Dilyana Spasova, Madlen Yordanova, Veselin Petrov, Dimitar Zahariev, Ivan Stanchev, Kiril Nedkov

An improvisational performance, telling one story through the point of view of the different characters who took part in the story. By observing what was happening directly before, after and during the event, the audience will have the chance to unravel the amount of different viewpoints that could surround the same circumstance. Another challenging element in the performance is the monologue type of action without any direct interaction among the actors.

Where: HaHaHa Impro Palace

When: 20 October 2020 (Tuesday), 18:00

Duration: 80 min

Tickets: 12 BGN

After the performance there will be a public discussion with Vasil Bovyanski.