Presence Technique



Leading: Olga Alvarez

Where: DNK – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

When: 20-21 October 2020, 10:00-13:00

Number of participants: 15

Deadline for applications: 10 October 2020

Working language: English

Participation fee: 20 BGN for the two days

Registrations for this workshop are no longer available.


About the workshop

The workshop is a search for the presence, sensuality, and essential mobility of the body. It is the research base of movement in the La Taimada company. It is a technique that enhances sensuality and movement from pleasure, opening the body through massage. It works with the organicity, instinct, and natural curves of the body.

For dancers, actors and circus people or simply for people with curiosity and ease for the work of the body.

You need to assume physical contact and the desire to overcome physical challenges.

About Olga Alvarez

Olga Alvarez is the founder of La Taimada. She reformulated the concept of the company in 2015 together with Jordi Cabestany with whom she co-directs the company, rethinking the aesthetic line and the work of the movement.

She is a pedagogue and teacher of dance and movement for dancers and actors in vocational schools such as the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, El Timbal School of Actors, Area Space for Creation and Dance, La Caldera, and others. She has created and developed the Presence Technique to work with performers and actors, as well as dancers.

La Taimada’s contribution to ACT Festival 2020 is realised with the support of the Cervantes Institute Sofia.