An online performance/game

October 24
2 performances starting from 13:00 and from 21:00
Where: online / from your home
Duration: depends on the game and the participants, between 1.5-2.5 hours.
Language: English
Number of participants: 30 per performance
Tickets: BGN 15, online sale: http://t.me/machina_eX
ATTENTION: The purchase of tickets and the whole participation in the show take place entirely through TELEGRAM from your computer. You will find more detailed information below.
Concept: machina eX
Director: Yves Regenass
Technical management: Lasse Marburg
Homecoming is the newest production of the German company machina Ex – online performance theatre game, which reflect on the pandemic situation nowadays and can be watched and played online at home.
“It has become autumn in the long year of the pandemic. A young woman returns to her home village because she can no longer afford the rent in the big city. An agency sends thick letters to all European households to evaluate the population’s resistance to the crisis. And a movement emerges on the Internet that celebrates voluntary renunciation as a lifestyle alternative to the longing for relaxation. In Homecoming, the viewers* stay at home together. From there, they set out to explore a history that reaches far beyond their own four walls in prominent and remote places on the Internet, in live performances and chat sessions.”
Step 1: Install the free TELEGRAM application on your laptop: https://desktop.telegram.org
Step 2: Follow this link: http://t.me/machina_eX
Step 3: Enter the word “Sofia” and then write your name, email, and delivery address. You will receive a link for making a purchase and more instructions, in case you need help.
– a laptop or a computer
– a stable Internet connection
– an installed version of TELEGRAM
– a webcam (not necessary)
After purchasing a ticket the only thing that is left is for you to wait for our delivery. Right before the event, you will receive a package with instructions and the first “clues” to the game.
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