7 Promises




Director: Davis Freeman

Performers: Davis Freeman & Jerry Killick

Video graphics: Sam Vanoverschelde


7 Promises features two ecological preachers (Davis Freeman & Jerry Killick) that call for the audience to turn their words into action. We know we’re up against an impending ecological disaster, but the question is, why are we not doing more about it? 7 Promises looks at these issues with a sense of urgency and humor. This highly adaptable show has been presented on the street, for diplomats and ambassadors, and in the context of numerous ecological conferences. Please join us for an evening where we’ll actually change the world – and what greater inspiration then free alcohol?

Davis Freeman is an American artist based in Brussels with his company Random Scream. He makes contemporary theater & dance, photo/video installations and curatorial projects. His work is referred to as devious political theatre or docu-performances and often fights for a more ecological planet. Currently he is touring his latest pieces Do my Mouth, Karaoke (ART), 7 Promises, and What you need to know which won the 2nd prize in the Danse Elargie competition at Theatre de la Ville. Along with his own work Davis works as a performance artist with Forced Entertainment Stephan Pucher and Superamas. On the side he also teaches “Non Acting Acting for the Performer” and works as a voice artist.


Random Scream

He created the company Random Scream in 1999 whose aim is to expose the eclectic elements of everyday culture with proposed lines of flight for dance, theatre, and visual arts. The projects aim to draw attention to what is already there by focusing on our personal interactions and how our choices directly affect each other and the community we live in.

Production: Bains Connective & Random Scream


Where: NSH (National Student House), Chamber Hall

When: 17 October 2020 (Saturday), 20:00

Tickets: Free entry. The room has a limited capacity.