The Kiss & the Pieta

dance performance



Author: La Taimada

Choreographer and directior: Olga Álvarez

Performers: Marc Fernández, Angie Mas 

Creative Assistants: Beatriz Souza, Maribel Martínez

Music: Carlos Martorell (Shoeg)


The Kiss and The Pietà (El Petó i la Pietat) is a piece about the fragile line that separates love from hate, sex from embrace, violence from tenderness. The play is a duet, a walk of two people through loneliness, despair and tenderness. The Kiss and The Pietà are two powerful images of the history of art: love and compassion. In a peculiar way they summarize the history of humanity: the hug that rocks and the one that holds death.


Olga Álvarez has been a professional dancer since 2002. She has been artistic director of the Festival Danza También for five years. In 2004, together with Leyre Llano, she created Cia. La Taimada, merging video creation with contemporary dance, theater and performance. Together with Jordi Cabestany (visual artist), they have been co-directing the company since 2015, reformulating dance and lending a new focus to the perspective, image and work of the body. Since then they have created Crash, Lo.Li.Ta, La Mort, to name a few. They are currently in the process of creating El Jardí, a work inspired by Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights.


Production: La Taimada


La Taimada’s contribution to ACT Festival for Independent Theatre is realized with the support of Cervantes Institute Sofia.


Where: DNK – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

When: 21 October (Wednesday), 19:00

Tickets: 12 BGN (8 BGN for students and seniors)