Author: Ana Mendes


Self-Portrait is a play about Mendes´ identity. Over the years, she collected her personal details and wondered what the role is that inheritance plays in our lives. It could be a police questionnaire, an interrogation, or a manifesto, but isn’t. It is just a Self-Portrait. Perhaps, automatic.


Ana Mendes is a visual artist and writer living and working in London and Stockholm. She creates projects in which she uses video, photography, performance, text and installation to speak about subjects such as memory, language and identity. She started her work in performance, when she wrote Self-Portrait, a play about her identity.


Where: DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance

When: 22 October 2020 (Thursday), 20:30

Duration: 15 to 30 min

Tickets: 12 BGN (8 BGN for students and seniors)

After the performance there will be a public discussion moderated by Antoni Rayzhekov.