Tango in Space

theatre comedy with elements of an anti-utopia

Author: 36 Monkeys (Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova)
Director: Gergana Dimitrova
Performers: Bogdana Trifonova, Zdrava Kamenova, Antoan Petrov
Music: Veselin Veselinov – Eko
Visual ID, scenography, costumes: Elena Shopova, Nikola Nalbantov
Assistant director: Pavla Kotova

Three contemporary magi are telling us a story. The story of our planet.
The year is 2027. The coast of Argentina is sinking.
Bulgaria is an empty territory on the Balkans.
China wants to conquer the moon.
As the planet gasps, three creatures in three different parts of the world meet in their dreams and change not only their destinies but also the fate of our world.

A crazy Argentine tango teacher dreams of love. Her mother dreams of being Schumacher’s boyfriend.
A Chinese astronaut sent to the moon doesn’t really want to fly into space and hates the party that chased her father into exile.
A silkworm grows in the aquarium of a Bulgarian female rapper who trades on the dark web market while the Earth is on the brink of survival.
Who’s going to save the planet?

Production: 36 Monkeys
This project is realised with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture. Partners of the project are BG Radio.

Where: Derida Stage

When: 21 October 2020 (Wednesday), 21:00

Duration: 80 min

Tickets: 15 BGN (12 BGN for students and seniors)

After the performance there will be a public discussion moderated by Marina Delivlaeva.