Author: Yasen Vasilev
Performers: Vasilia Drebova, Martina Apostolova, Tsveta Doycheva, Yana Bobeva
Visual artist: Petko Tanchev
VJ: YvesO
Photography and video: Mina Stoyanova
Assistant: Natalia Alexieva

Borgestriptych is a contemporary text for theatre by Yasen Vasilev that draws inspiration from three short stories by Jorge Luis Borges – ‘Death and the Compass’, ‘The Other’ and ‘The Library of Babel”. It takes the narrative from the first one, the characters from the second and the setting from the third. Four different versions of the same person meet and are able to talk to each other. In this world library and universe are equal and the spaces and their occupiers are entirely made of quotes.

Production: DNK and Yasen Vasilev
The production is realised with the financial support of the American Foundation for Bulgaria and with the cooperation of the Council for European Studies of Columbia University (Interdisciplinary Art Grant), Bulgarian Concert Evenings in New York and Elizabeth Kostova Foundation.

Where: DNK – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

When: 23 October 2020 (Friday), 18:30

Duration: 45 min

Tickets: 12 BGN (8 BGN for students and seniors)


After the performance there will be a public discussion moderated by Elena Angelova.