DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance
1 “Bulgaria” sq. (opposite the fountains at the NDK underpass)

Choreographic concert
45 min.
in English

SIX LOVE SONGS is a choreographic concert, the result of collaboration between music and dance, provoked by the idea of how to visualize failed love. During this concert, we embrace the idea of intimacy, personal psychologies and feelings. We raise questions about poly-relationships and the re-identification of personality in the performance context.

SIX LOVE SONGS gives space to a new honest body, a group body, someone who loves the unknown, conflicts and sugar, another who is looking for something else, somewhere else, to you and me. Love potentials that struggle between red, yellow, green and blue.

Like a game. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

Zhana Pencheva created her first choreography “Glass of love” in 2009. It was followed by the projects “Touch down” (2010) and “Episode IV – Reflections during Free Time” (2011). In recent years, she has been a part of independent choreographic projects – the burlesque performance “Neon” (2015) and “Celebrate!” (2016), in which people with special needs participate. The concept for the choreographic concert SIX LOVE SONGS was born during the “Moving Body” festival in 2018. Zhana is one of the initiators of the alternative choreographic center “Steam Room”.

Choreography and Performance: Zhana Pencheva
Music and Performance: Tsvetan Momchilov
Playwright Consultant: Dario Barreto Damas
Scene and Costume Consultant: Ralitsa Toneva

Produced by Zhana Pencheva in co-production with “Garage – Collective Platform for Independent Artists”.

The project is realized with the financial support of the Varna Municipality Culture Fund.

The show was selected as part of “Tri3avisim” 2018.