stage 47
Str. Georgi S. Rakovski 108A

Movement and light spectacle
40 min.

What is light? Besides being an electromagnetic wave, it is also the invisible, intangible presence of the human personality. The most subtle, but tangible substance of invisible photons that underlies everything.

I am the Light. Everything in and around me is Light. My body, like a Beacon, shines in the dark. And only Light remains of me.

The performance is built through a fusion of dance, light and sound. The artistic process is constructed through the search for light presence, and sound is the connecting element between light and human presence. The circular ambient sound “Ambisonics” (like three-dimensional listening) alters the audience’s perception of space, and the audience senses the sound itself.

Radiance is an international project and interdisciplinary collaboration between the Dance Company “Dune” (Bulgaria) and the sound artist Abel Korninski (Germany).

The Dance Company “Dune” is an independent contemporary dance company from Burgas. It is the initiator of numerous educational dance projects with international participation, artistic partnerships and actions for the development of the audience of contemporary dance. The company also runs the Contemporary Arts Festival “WATER”.

Concept and Implementation: Petya Stoykova and Radoslav Yordanov
Sound Environment: Abel Korinski (Germany)
Costumes: Petya Petrova

Producer: Dance Company “Dune”

With the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria