Cinema House
Str. “Ekzarh Yosif” 37

Video Art / Art House
41 min.

The Adata is a symbol, a metaphor for those parts of the city that we do not perceive consciously and are not part of our daily lives. Places ignored by the collective memory. We know they exist, but we do not take them into consideration. Both being present and absent, they become abandoned spaces living their own lives. Spaces that begin to tell their stories – with or without our participation.

Director: Boris Zafirov
Choreographer: Barbara Foldeshi
Playwright: Cveta Ermenkova
Sound Design: Lisa Steward
Video Artists: Ivan Paleykov and Krasimir Atanasov
Animation: Petko Tanchev
Anthropological Research: Maria Slavcheva
Featuring: Maria Dimitrova, Plamen Pencheva, Lisa Steward, Ina Georgieva, Barbara Foldeshi, Bratan Bratanov, Radoslav Stoychev

Production of “Body Graphics” and “Theater of Responsibility”.

The project was realized with the financial support of Foundation “Plovdiv 2019”