21.10.2019 (Monday)
“Andrey Nikolov” House-Museum at the National Gallery

str. “Lyuben Karavelov” 15

Theatrical performance
50 min.
in Bulgarian with English subtitles

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… In front of the small house of a blind fortune teller there is a long line of people. They are waiting for the sun to rise up while she is dreaming. One white ram is leading her through the time trials. She passes by a burned village in Thrace in 1913, her path is crossed by a boy running towards to the West in 1990, she meets a lost cow from the year 2018, she hears the voices of the unborn from 2030. People from all over the world, from past and future, they all pull her insisting to tell their story. They all are looking for something or running away from something, houses are changing their owners and all houses are abandoned and all people are homeless. 

But this is just a dream, right?

The performance is part of the “Haunted Houses” project – a multinational co-production that explores the migration waves in the Balkans between 1912 and 1923 and looks at them in the context of the contemporary processes. The participants are from Athens, Istanbul and Sofia. Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture Organization“36 Monkeys” presents the premieres of A Home of Sheep and Dreams in Sofia, Berlin and Zurich.

2019 IKAR Award in the Author Music Category (Pavel Terziyski)

Nomination for the 2019 IKAR Award in the Leading Female Role Category (Zdrava Kamenova)

Author and performer: Zdrava Kamenova
Documentary Study and Playwriting: Gergana Dimitrova and Zdrava Kamenova
Director: Gergana Dimitrova
Live music: Pavel Terziyski
Live video and costume design: Nikola Nalbantov
Assistant Director: Olga Kochanova
Project Artistic Directors: Tobias Herzberg and Mozlum Nergiz

Producer Organizations: European Network “Undernational Affairs”, Center for Culture and Debate “Red House”, Theater “Maxim Gorky”/Studio “Я” (Berlin), Theater “Neumarkt” (Zurich) in partnership with “36 Monkeys”.

Financing organizations: Theater “Maxim Gorky”/Studio “Я”  (Berlin), Theater “Neumarkt” (Zurich), Auswärtigen Amt (Germany)