21.10. 2019
DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance
1 “Bulgaria” sq. (opposite the fountains at the NDK underpass)

Holographic theatre play
35 min
Мaximum capacity: 30 spectators

‘H’ is a three dimensional sculpture in space and time disguised as an intimate audiovisual performance. D’Haeseleer and Vigroux pursue their exploration of the virtualization of the physical world and create an immersive and hypnotic experience. ‘H’ questions the spectator’s perception and creates the illusion of real physical presence by means of video projection. When and how does an image become reality? 

Inspired by the enigmatic poem of Rimbaud, ‘H’ is an audiovisual riddle without a solution, horrific and sublime at the same time, a fusion of bodies resisting and fighting against a society which has lost his soul. 

ACT Festival 2019 will be part of the world tour of Vigroux&D’Haeseleer.

Franck Vigroux is a composer, performer and director, a multifaceted artist whose uniqueness comes from his artistic approach that integrates new media and performing arts. Founder of Compagnie D’Autres Cordes he has created radio plays, staged concerts, music theatre works.  http://www.franckvigroux.com 

Kurt d’Haeseleer is the artistic director of the  WERKTANK, factory for new and old media art. He explores the relationship between technology and perception, working regularly as a video designer for theatre, dance, opera, and his own audiovisual performances. http://www.kurtdhaeseleer.com

Video: Kurt d’Haeseleer
Live music and voices: Franck Vigroux 

Production: Cie D’Autres Cordes Coproduction: La Pop, Metz en Scène, Werktank With the support of : la Région et la DRAC Occitanie, Communauté Flamande.