20.10.2019 (Sunday)

“Andrey Nikolov” House-Museum at the National Gallery
(str. “Lyuben Karavelov” 15)

Admission is free, with pre-registration on
The workshop is in Bulgarian with an option for translation in English. Deadline for Registration deadline 18.10.2019

The workshop gives practical advice to performing arts professionals on how – and why! – to conduct interviews with their audience, in focus groups, discussions and meetings. You will learn about the main research tools, for what and how they are applied, how to budget them, and most importantly – how to use the collected data optimally in order to be more successful when applying for project funding.

The lecturers: Dr. Nelly Stoeva is a lecturer in the Department of History and Theory of Culture at Sofia University and the Master’s Program in Performing Arts and Industries Management at NATFIZ “Kr. Sarafov”, long-time researcher on cultural policies and on the stage in Bulgaria, project evaluator, author of cultural policies and strategies for culture and art development.

Vasilka Shishkova is an independent researcher and evaluator of the impact of cultural and artistic projects in Bulgaria, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Denmark. Author of IETM, Head of Organization Publications and Research.

The conducted “2018 ACT Fest Audience Survey”, funded by NFC (National Culture Fund), will serve as an example, and in the Q&A session you can ask your own questions.