20.10.2019 (Sunday)

Azaryan Theatre Backstage
1 “Bulgaria” sq. (opposite the fountains at the NDK underpass)

Аnti-Utopian Horror Tale
105 min.
in Bulgarian with English subtitles

Planet Earth. Europe. Poland. The year is not important. An abandoned child dreams he is a prince. One prince dreams of being an abandoned child.

Life is a Dream is a grim tale that opposes the care-free of childhood games and the political games and manipulations. In a mutated, radioactive reality, one creature is born and abandoned – but what is he – a prisoner, a prince? How does the human mutate in a human? If maturity in a world of monsters manifests itself in becoming a monster, what is the future we are nurturing? What is the world we dream of, what is the dream we live in?

The performance is one of two debuts included in the ACT Festival 2019 program. Theater “ZONG” was born in 2017 as a collaboration between Boyan Arsov (actor) and Dina Markova (director). The name of the association is inspired by the Brecht’s theater, in which the “zongs” are songs with messages with public significance. The Theater “ZONG” defines as its mission the creation of a spiritual space for socially engaged theater with a focus on important topics and issues for the contemporary individual which provoke the active involvement of young artists and audiences.

2019 Ikar Award in the Debut Category (Dina Markova)

2019 Ikar Award in the Leading Male Role Category (Boyan Arsov)

Adaptation and Director: Dina Markova
Translation: Stoyan Bakardzhiev
Visual Environment and Costumes: Boyan Arsov
Choreography and Plastics: Boyan Arsov
Photographer: Jordan Rusin
Featuring: Boyan Arsov, Vera Kolarova, Konstantin Ikonomov, Ralitsa Petrova, Rumen Mihaylov, Ventsislav Sariev, Kaloyan Katincharov, Irina Parvanova – harp

Production of Theater “ZONG”, financed by personal funds.