20.10.2019 (Sunday)
“Andrey Nikolov” House-Museum at the National Gallery
str. “Lyuben Karavelov” 15

Performance lecture
90 minutes.
The maximum amount of people is 30.

The performance artist Eja Due exposes her own body and invites the audience into the intimate space where sex work takes place, but also out in the public sphere where the normative truths about sex work forms certain images of what a prostitute is. This is interactive, provocative and intimate performance art where the audience is challenged on their attitudes and invited to discuss sex work and prostitution as well as the crucial difference between the two concepts.

In collaboration with the audience, Eja will investigate how we relate to a prostitute by focusing on how much we have to say when it comes to the shaming or acceptance of the whore in our society. The message is that your attitude makes a difference.

The performance can be experienced in two different versions –  as an “one-to-one performance” and as performance lecture in front of a small group of up to 25 people. On ACT Festival 2019 Crave#2 will be performed twice.

Performer/concept: Eja Due
Artistic consultant: Henrik Vestergaard 
Stage Design: Camilla Calundann
Producer: Sarah Sarina Rommedahl
Teater Bæst