19.10.2019 (Saturday)

Atelie Plastelin
Str. “Tsar Simeon” 48

An interpretation of William Shakespeare’s historical drama
100 min.
in English

You will have the chance to see the story of the ruthless Richard, Duke of Gloucester who eliminates all his rivals to become a king. Two guys who normally sell motor oil and whose business went bust a while ago decide to learn from their mistakes and enroll in a marketing management course. One of their mentors advise them to be more aggressive and to put themselves in the shoes of some villain character from literature. The motor oil retailers will present their new marketing strategy using the play by Shakespeare as a guide, Richard as a mentor, and lots of empty plastic motor oil bottles as puppets to stand for more than 20 characters in the play!

Yavor Kostov-Yondin created the Subtheater platform in 2015 and since then has implemented the independent projects “Measure for Measure” (Zheliazko’s version) and “Richard the Third”, which are part of the program of Studio “Plastelin”. He defines himself as an artist, member of the independent scene in

Bulgaria, and Subtheater as a theater-making platform that explores and expands the theater convention, especially from the perspective of who and why makes theater.

Authors and performers: Yavor Kostov-Yondin, Martin Noev

Project of “Subtheater” and Studio “Plastelin”

The project is funded by Sofia Municipality Culture Program as part of the 2018 Project “Timezones” of Studio “Plastelin”