19.10.2019 – from 10h. to 19h.
20.10.2019 – from 14h. to 19h.
21.10.2019 – from 10h. to 19h.
22.10.2019 – from 10h. to 18h.
23.10.2019 – from 10h. to 18h.
bul. “Vasil Levski” 55/57

CONGLOMERATE is a large-scale project that represented Bulgaria at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 (06.06-16.06.2019). It shows selected visual solutions, realized in the period 2013 – 2019 in six different genres – drama theatre, puppet theater, opera, cinema, contemporary dance, and performing arts.

Viewers are “immersed” in the stage reality through “cutting edge technology”.

Through VR headsets embedded in stylized bee heads, the visitors “peek” into 10 performances, scanned specifically for the project – and transform informing into happening.

The experience is related to changing the viewers’ perceptions – getting on the stage among the performers everyone has the opportunity to experience 360° reality. The “loss” of vision enables one to “look” beyond – into another, different world.

The curator of the CONGLOMERATE project is the designer Ogniana Serafimova.

Attention: We don’t recommend the experience to kids under 10 years and people who have problems with their vestibular apparatus.