19.10.2019 (Saturday)
SFUMATO Theatre Laboratory
Str. “Dimitar Grekov” 2

60 min.
in Bulgarian with Еnglish subtitles

An author’s performance inspired by the story with the same title and real events.

“I am afraid of the silence,” the woman replied, when we asked her: “Why aren’t you leaving?”

We created a theater from meetings, silence, pain, strength and anger.

This is a performance-gaze dedicated to women who hold a key in their hands, which keeps on bleeding and yelling that “something is wrong.”

The authors of the performance will be happy to meet the audience for an after-talk

The mission of Panic Button Theater is to create and disseminate quality, socially engaged art, to explore and promote in Bulgaria world-class artistic practices with humanitarian, social, educational and environmental focus.

Idea, Concept and Direction: Vasilena Radeva
Authors: Bogdana Kotareva, Mila Lyutskanova, Elena Dimitrova, Ivelina Koleva
Artist: Teodora Lazarova
Music: Ervin Toole/Vladimir Bochev
Photographer: Joro Aranjoro
Featuring: Elena Dimitrova, Ivelina Koleva, Mila Lyutskanova, Bogdana Kotareva, Vladimir Bochev

Production of Panic Button Theater

The event was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the kind hospitality of the Theater Laboratory “Sfumato”.

With the expert assistance of “Animus Association” Foundation.

http://sfumato.info/blue-beard-marriage-without a fairy tale___4798