18.10.2019 (Friday)
“Andrey Nikolov” House-Museum at the National Gallery
str. “Lyuben Karavelov” 15

Biotope – site specific durational performance

Free entrance, come in and leave when you want

Coproduction between ACT Festival, Netherlands Embassy in Sofia and United Cowboys / Holland / featuring 7 bulgarian and 5 dutch performers

Concept: Pauline Roelants, Maarten van der Put
Direction and scenery: Maarten van der Put
Choreography & sounds: Pauline Roelants
Manager: Ulla Havenga
Performers – Marion Darova, Violeta Vitanova, Ana Petkova, Katina Dishkov, Vasilia Drebova, Nathan Cooper, Bratan Bratanov, Jef Stevens, Hanne Schillemans, Connor Doherty,  Eulalia Bergada Serra, Marti Guell Vallbona

Since 2014, in different European cities, United Cowboys build biotopes on location – self-sufficient environments, in which dancers, performers and musicians dwell. The space of Red House Sofia will get totally redefined! The spectator  is not being pushed into a passive role, but actually encouraged to follow his or her curiosity and get into motion, walk in, stay, walk out, return.

The biotopes of United Cowboys portray the essence of Human, revealing Intimacy, emotion, body. Of that what lives beneath the surface, usually being glossed by civility and reason, or hidden behind embarrassment, shame and anxiety.

What counts for them is the power and vulnerability of the individual performer who throws himself into battle. Nakedness – literally or in being.

Open hours to observe the creative process:
16th, 17th of october / 6-7 pm /

Live-art company United Cowboys, settled in Eindhoven, Holland, works at the interface between dance, image and performance-art; embracing the obscure and the unknown, questioning theatrical conventions, stretching them and challenging them, in order to penetrate to the key point and quintessence of art.