24.10 (Wednesday)

16:30 & 18:00

Centre for Culture and Debate “The Red House”

15 Lyuben Karavelov Str.

Documentary theatre / promenade

In Bulgarian and English

80 minutes

Limited capacity – preliminary booking is recommended.


Neda Sokolovska – director; Ivan-Alexander Todorov – stage design; Rada Ezekieva – coordinator

With: Petko Kamenov, Plamena Pencheva, Stoyka Stefanova, Georgi Naldgiev

Production of VOX POPULI Studio for documentary theatre and the ecological associationZa Zemyata”


“All That Remains” is a documentary performance, in which the audience led by the actors takes a trip between three significant streets in Sofia to witness situations from a parallel city life. In front of memorial plates, garbage cans, graffiti and invisible hiding places, the audience suddenly finds themselves talking to the people who live with what “remains.”

During the preparation work, the team met dozens of recyclers in different regions of Sofia. Most of the waste collection points in the city were visited, the stories of people who daily feed themselves and their families with the money received were recorded. These “anonymous” garbage collectors, who we often pass by with apathy and suspicion, are in fact among the most important engines for Sofia’s continuous renewal.

With the finantial support of Ecologial association “Za Zemyata” and “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation.