23.10 (Tuesday), 20:00

DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance

Sq. „Bulgaria“ 1 (opposite the fountains at the NDK underpass)


75 min.


By And With Marguerite Bordat, Raphaël Cottin and Pierre Meunier;
With Thanks To Frédéric Kunze and Hans Kunze; Sales Manager Caroline Tigeot – Lise Daynac

Production La Belle Meunière – La Poétique des Signes
Co-production SACD / Festival d’Avignon – le Théâtre de la Bastille


The need and lack of empty spaces in our cities. The principle of destruction, the happy and joyful feeling in the act of break- ing, the real pleasure of coming to an end with what burdens us, with what obscures our horizon, thus finding the conditions of a new start, of a possible change. Memory smashed to pieces, the body of old dismantled, space opens, no more obstacle, what’s next? “Buffet A Vif” is an extraordinary, surprising show that explores the borders of theatre and performance.

Pierre Meunier, born in 1957 in Paris, founder of La Belle Meunière in 1992 to create in the fields of cinema, theatre, music, painting. His creations draw attention for their specific original blend of realism and poetry. Meunier often works with scientists, philosophers or artists from other disciplines

Marguerite Bordat, born in 1974 in Paris, studied scenography at the ENSATT, she has worked with Lacascade, Kirsch, Gatteau, Chapalain, Laroche, Lazare… and Pierre Meunier, whom she met in 1999. She became a regular member of the Belle Meunière and now forms a duo with Meunier.

Raphaël Cottin, graduated from the Conservatoire na- tional supérieur de musique et de danse in Paris, he teaches Wilfride Piollet’s technique, with his company La Poétique des Signes, he has created seven shows as a choreographer and is co-producer of Buffet A Vif.


La Belle Meunière is supported by the French Ministry of Culture-DRAC Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes, the Regional Council Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the County Council of the Allier Département. La Poétique des Signes has received financial support from the French Ministry of Culture – DRAC Centre Val de Loire, the Regional Council Val de Loire, the County Council of the Indre et Loire Département and from the city of Tours since 2014