22.10 (Monday)
10:00 – 17:00
Embassy of Denmark in Bulgaria
(Bul. Kniaz Aleksandar Dondukov 54)

Number of participants – 15.
Application by CV and motivation letter to registration@actassociation.eu
Deadline for applications – 15.10.2018
All the 15 slots for participation are already filled.

Part of a long term collaboration between ACT Festival and Cantabile2.

The workshop will be focused on exploring interactivity and intimacy. Participants will investigate how emotional and sensorial responses are created together with their spectators, through sincere, non-fiction-based communication. The boundaries for intimacy between strangers will be challenged, evoking authentic, receptive and trusting modalities of participation. A focus will be put on exploring interactive games and rituals between spectator and performer. Working individually, in pairs or in small groups, the participants will research an artistic language that speaks directly to the senses and that replaces fiction with true “here and now” presence.

Nullo Facchini is the founder and artistic director of the Danish Theatre Company Cantabile 2 since 1980 and of the International Waves Festival since 1991. He is a creator of the methodology Human Specific Work and a new genre called Human Specific Theatre, the most internationally renowned example of which is “The Venus Labyrinth” /2003/