22.10. (Monday), 18:00

ETUD Gallery

34 Tsanko Tserkovski Str., Journalist Square

Non-verbal theatre

70 min.

Limited capacity – preliminary booking is recommended.


Galina Borissova – idea and realization;

With: Alexandra Spassova, Willy Prager, Iva Sveshtarova, Miroslava Zahova, Nathan Cooper, Stephan A. Shtereff;

Eva Gebreva – design curtains; Irena Tsvetanova – wallpaper photography

Produced by Nomad Dance Academy-Bulgaria and ETUD Gallery


Between walls, curtains and wallpapers six artists dream within a space with uncertain intentions and temporary decisions. How often do we feel lonely in the presence of others?

“Memories never act as strongly as in the state of mental weakness.” Lev Tolstoy

“Is writing diaries sensible or pointless? There is hardly a more delicate question. For more than ten years I have been searching for a satisfying answer. Often the thought about it tortured me to such extent that eventually I made the decision to abandon it. But every time it reemerged. And while I was reading my diaries, which I always did with pleasure, the same doubts and temptations to end this activity stopped me. But every time when my notebook was finished, I started a new one.”

With the financial support of Ministry of culture of Bulgaria and ETUD Foundation