21.10 (Sunday), 20:00

ETUD Gallery

34 Tsanko Tserkovski Str., Journalist Square


In Bulgarian with English subtitles

55 min.

Limited capacity – preliminary booking is recommended.


Yuliana Saiska – author, director, performer; Leda Hristova-Patasheva – dramaturgy-consultant; Velislav Pavlov – performer; Yana Moroz – performer; Elitza Alexieva – sound design; Ivan Nikolov 0pnn – lighting design; Elena Stumbova – stage design

Production of Foundation Koleloto and ETUD Gallery


Interviews with the soul is provocation in the sphere of the personal and in the body-soul relations. “My flesh, born, fed, raised along with me, my beloved one. Wait patiently so the burdensome bond we have will be broken forever. ”  The stage scenes reproduce the reality of sleep. The symbols and images complement the feeling of unrequited familiarity. “When I am sleep, isn’t it still me?” The stage opens for the audience, that is invited to be a part of the experience. Based on the texts of Bonaventure “For the Body and the Soul”; “Confessions” by Augustine Aurelius; Marguerite Duras’ The Malady of Death and “Spirit and love” by Simone Weil. The performance marks the beginning of the Dramatizing Intimacy cycle, in which Juliana Saiska combines her experience of an actor and psychodrama therapist and professionally explores the feelings on the human’s inner stage.

With the financial support of Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria.