20.10 (Friday), 18:00

Centre for Culture and Debate “The Red House”

Str. “Lyuben Karavelov” 15

Physical Theater

50 min.

Creators, Performers  – Oded Zadok, Kazuyo Shyonori; Light and Sound Design – Johnny Tal

„Everything has been figured out, except how to live.“
Jean-Paul Sartre

A hyperactive physical theatre comedy – peeking into the life of a couple, and thoughts about death. The average man lives 70 years, defecates 127,750 times, takes a shower 51,100 times, changes his clothes 76,650 times and dies once! So how would you like to die?

We work, run, come, go, love, fight, create, destroy, and all that – for what?

Oded Zadok and Kazuyo Shionoiri return in a new duet, toying with the meaning of life while performing their daily routines as a couple. Using radical physicality and the exhaustion of the body.