20.10 (Saturday), 20:00

Center for Culture and Debate “The Red House”

15 Lyuben Karavelov Str.

interactive performance

in Bulgarian with English subtitles

90 – 100 min

Limited seats. Pre-subscription is required at www.happybeckett.com at least 72 hours before the performance.


Mariy Rosen – concept and direction; Mariy Rosen and Ana Valchanova – scenario; Petya Boyukova – stage design; Konstantin Timoshenko – music

With: Ana Valchanova, Mariy Rosen, Petya Boyukova, Konstantin Timoshenko

Production of Center Alos


Happy Beckett is an interactive performance inspired by the structure and the imagery world in Happy Days – Samuel Beckett’s play. The creative team renounces the play’s original text. The texts of the performance’s spectators will be used instead. Each individual performance will have its own dramaturgic language, but the structure will always be the same. The aim is to achieve the creation of a multicolored mandala, which is blown away by the wind in the end. The functioning of this format is complicated and requires preliminary active participation of the spectators. In order to become a performance play-writer, each of the 25 spectators of Happy Becket must visit the happybeckett.com website, to choose a date, to fill in a brief questionnaire, and then to buy a ticket.

With the financial support of the Sofia Municipality Program “Culture” for 2017.