19.10 (Friday), 18:00

Azaryan Theatre

Sq. „Bulgaria“ 1 (opposite the fountains at the NDK underpass)


In Bulgarian and English

82 min.


By and with LIGNA (Ole Frahm, Michael Hueners, Torsten Michaelsen) – production, text, directors; Stephan A. Shtereff – concept, director, production; Emilian Gatsov – music; Gergana Dimitrova – translation

Produced by Mousonturm, Frankfurt and InformBureau, Bulgaria


In Europe, new political parties propagating fascist forms of government are gaining ground or, as in Hungary, already in power. Why is the promise of democratic societies losing its appeal? Why authoritarian leadership seems to appear as a solution in moments of crisis? Which desire is connected to fascism?

Recently awarded the George Tabori Prize for Independent Theatre, the performance and media collective LIGNA / Germany / have analysed for years the mechanics and dynamics of group and mass movements in order to find out what moves, controls, manipulates groups and what in turn moves, changes, destroys or makes them accessible to experience in the first place.

Supported by Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Nationales Performance Netz, Robert Bosch Stiftung / Internationales Theaterinstitut as part of the “Szenenwechsel” – Programme, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and the Ministry of Culture Bulgaria.