Date and time: 17 November, 20:00

Place: Derrida Dance Center

Address: 245 Slivnitsa Blvd.

Genre: Contemporary dance

Duration: 43 min


Concept and choreography: Zhivko Zhelyazkov

Music and sound: Ivan Shopov / COOH / BALKANSKY

Dance: Simona Todorova, Yassen Popov

Costumes: Snezhana Papazova

Production Manager: Atanas Maev

Text: Elena Angelova

Vision: ParaPlet Ltd.



F 63.9 is the other name of love. According to the World Health Organization “F63.9” is a disease with distinct symptoms: pathological distortion of the personality functions due to brain and nervous system failure. Like “Mayday”, “F63.9” is a code announcing a sudden change of the normal, an urgent need for action to “cure” the problem. At the onset of this problem the possibilities for (self) transformation, self-purification and connection with the other are generated simultaneously, but also a tendency toward aggression and physical destruction of the threat are triggered. Does love have the power to take an angelic, self-sacrificial form in order to disarm and transform rage? Or is it just a virus that undermines body and mind? F 63.9 is a psychophysical study of love as a phenomenon of destruction and transformation.


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