Date and time: 15 November, Wednesday, 20:00

Place: French Institute Bulgaria

Address: Petko R. Slaveykov square 3

Genre: Black comedy

Author: Frederic Sonntag

Language: Bulgarian with English subtitles

Duration: 85 min.


Dimitar Uzunov – Director

Nikola Nalbantov – video medium and costumes

Alexei Nikolov – music

Elena Gamalova – visual identity

Alexandrina Jasem – PR

Ralitsa Assenova – assistant

With: Ina Vangelova, Eva Danailova, Zhivko Dzhuranov, Nathan Cooper, Dimitar Zahariev


George Kaplan is a three-act play with numerous narrative lines. This is a play about the political importance of myths and narratives, about Hollywood’s influence on our perception of world geopolitics, about Alfred Hitchcock’s involvement in an international plot, about a hen that can save the humankind and about a name that can change the world. Frederic Sonntag plays with conspiracy theories in his original intriguing and inventive way. George Kaplan is an intellectual entertainment that invites us to think about the way the modern world is arranged. During and after the play the spectator asks themselves: What is truth? Who is manipulating us and for what purpose? Who or what is George Kaplan actually?

In 2016 George Kaplan won EURODRAM selection for francophone text. The play has been translated in fifteen languages and is performed in a dozen countries.

Organization: “Arte Urbana” Collectif


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