Date and time: November 14, Tuesday, 19:30

Place: Art Hall „Nikolay Haitov”

Address: Str. “Mayor Yuriy Gagarin” 7

Genre: Improvisational interactive theater


Duration: 90 min.

With: Alexander Evtimov – musician, actor, Ina Gerginova – actress, dancer, Vasil Spasov – actor, Malen Malenov – musician, Martina Veleva – actress, Georgi Vlassev – lights


Playback Theater is an improvisational interactive theater that has been practiced for over 42 years now by thousands of people in over 60 countries. It enacts the stories from the lives of the audience. The title comes from “to play it back”. Everything is happening at the moment and never repeated. Apart from the aesthetic pleasure it brings as art, it creates space for sharing, tolerance, understanding and connection between people.

A tool for social change – through theater, dance, music, metaphor, spontaneity and imagination, it enables everyone to share their story, see it from a different angle, rethink the situation and gain new knowledge about themselves, the other, and the world.

“Here and Now” is the only professional company in Bulgaria. It is member of the International Playback Theater Network and Center for Playback Theater.

Organization: Playback Theater