Date and time: 14 November, Tuesday, 18:00

Place: DNK – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Address: 1 Bulgaria square

Genre: Performance-lecture

Language: Bulgarian with English subtitles

Duration: 70 min.


Alexander Mitrev and Ida Daniel – concept and idea

Thomas Bernhard, Alexander Mitrev and Ida Daniel – texts

Alexander AndreevandVladko Mudarov – translation

Todor Stoyanov and Alexander Daniel – music

Tatyana Dimova – stage design

With: Alexander Mitrev, Tsvetomira Daskalova and Denitza Darinova


When you ask Austrians if they know about Thomas Bernhard, you are most likely to get the following answer: “Oh, yes, that grumpy old guy!” But then they would add: In Vienna there is that coffee where people know on which table he used to sit”.

A year and a half ago Alexander Mitrev discovered Thomas Bernhard for himself. He didn’t have the feeling he was reading texts by a grumpy old guy. He was extremely impressed by the power of the words and was strongly empathic to a life spent in illness. Then Alexander Mitrev read some texts of Bernhard’s to Ida Daniel and they both decided they wanted to spend more time with the Austrian writer and dramaturg. Then they started fantasizing.

Mehr nicht or the so called Bernhard resembles a lecture or a theatrical research, in which the method is based on the process of questioning: of the State, of the Nation, of the Social, of the Institutions, of the Prizes, of the Financial exchanges, of the Friendships, of the Today. The scenic action is insistently infiltrated by the Potential, the Possible and the Contemporary.

Organization: „Her Majesty The Pressure Cooker” – organisation for pressure-driven contemporary performing arts and DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance

During the performance stage smoke is used intensively.

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