Date and Time: November 13, Monday, 20:00

Place: Cinema “Vlaikova”

Address: Str. “Tsar Ivan Asen II” 11

Genre: Improvisational Theater / Comedy

Language: Bulgarian and English

Duration: 50 min.

With: Zhivko Dzhuranov, Ivailo Rogozinov, Tony Karabashev, Vasil Bovianski, Alexander Mitrev, Konstantin Lungov


HaHaHa is the first professional improvisation theater group in Bulgaria. Created in 2009, with hundreds of performances, in all kinds of locations.

In the impro-theater there are no scenarios and preset roles. Whatever happens will happen only once, only for you and only because of you. Literally. Every ImPro is at risk of failure every second. And exactly because of this it is so exciting. The actors in the ImPro perform many and different roles.

In the ImPro there is no “I”, there is “we”. Everyone plays for others. The most important principle in the impro-theater is called “Yes, and…. You agree regardless of what you are served on the stage. (If your partner suddenly decides you have two children and before your surgery you have been a female serial killer, you have two seconds to become exactly that, valiantly and unconditionally.)

The impro-theater wants courage and imagination above all things. Every ImPro is unique.

Organization: HaHaHa Impro Theater