Date and time: 12 November, Sunday, 20:00

Place: DNK – place for contemporary dance and performance

Address: Sq. „Bulgaria“ 1 (against the fountains in the NDK subway)

Genre: Contemporary dance

Language: English

Duration: 45 min.


Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard – conception

Liz Santoro – choreography

Pierre Godard – text

Brendan Dougherty – sound

Reid Bartelme – costumes

With: Pierre Godard, Cynthia Koppe, Liz Santoro, Stephen Thompson


Relative Collider works on the physics of attention. We are aware of each other, it is all we can do. Relative Collider seeks a point of contact between movement and text, where they each have the sole purpose of their own performance in front of an audience. Atoms subjected to different force fields, recombined into molecules that precipitate or dissolve under the attention of the viewer. Organic chemistry. Through the study of our experience of time influenced by attention, we seek to describe, explore, and manipulate the interplay of different waves of energy, sound, and attention. In this attempt to understand the physical laws of our presence with each other, Relative Collider calls into question what is exchanged, created, and destroyed in the act of observing.

Organisation: LE PRINCIPE D’INCERTITUDE /Paris, France/


Tickets: online at and on-site prior to the performance


“Relative Collider” is a part of ACT Festival’s program with the special support of Institut Français de Bulgarie

“Relative Collider” is part of the International program “The Migrating Body”, initiative of DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance, with the support of program “Culture” of Sofia Municipality for 2017.