Date and time: 12 November, Sunday, 18:00

Place: Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art

Address: Blvd. “Cherni vrah” 2

Genre: Interactive sensory concert

Language: Beyond words

Duration: 75 min.


Mihail Dimov – art director, Shamani Trio, actor

Ventsislav Takev – violinist, Shamani Trio

Skiller – beatbox, voice, Shamani Trio

Ivan Shopov (Balkansky) – musician

Zlatina Toleva – project manager, actor

Velina Petrka – project PR

Svetlin Marinov – visual actor, multimedia

With Sofia Sensory Labyrinth actors – Stiliyana Krusteva, Margarita Petrova, Milena Stanojevic, Diana Milenkova, Rumen Pavlov, Ognian Djambazki, Elitsa Atanasova, Blagovesta Georgieva


Silenautics is the title of a series of sensory concerts created as a co-production between the Institute for Silence Exploration and the Sofia Sensory Labyrinth. The sensory concert is a new genre mixing theater and music into an unusual experience. This is a concert with a unique, arising in the moment, deep music and an audience that moves through a sensory-theater antechamber in order to quiet down, to sharpen senses and to immerse into a subtle dimension before meeting the Silence. The sensory concerts have a theater element engaging the audience into a story, an experience, making it an accomplice to a work of art that arises HERE and NOW.

The musicians participating in Silenautics are famous artists such as Skiller, Ivan Shopov and Ventsi Takev. However they are completely removed from their usual context and placed in a new musical-performative dimension, which they find together with the Sofia Sensory Labyrinth actors.

The allowens for „SILENAUTICS” is limited to 30, with pre-booking required. More information can be found at

Organization: „Sensory Theatre Sofia“ and „Institute for Silence Research”

Website: Sensory Theatre Sofia and Institute for the Study of Silence

Tickets online: